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Analysis of Patient-Oncologist Interactions in End-of-Life Cancer Care

Principal Investigators: 
Paul Maciejewski, PhD, Kelly Trevino, PhD
Sponsored by: 
National Cancer Institute
Research Description: 

The purpose of this study is to develop, evaluate, and demonstrate the use of a novel interaction analysis system (IAS) to assess patient-oncologist interactions in EoL cancer care.  This new IAS will be used to code elements of patient-oncologist communication that may influence patients’ cognitive and emotional acceptance of their illness and understanding of the intent and potential consequences of aggressive treatments and procedures that may be available to them near the EoL. This study will pilot test this IAS on audio recordings of patient-oncologist interactions in the context of EoL cancer care and will relate these data to patient quality of life and care near death.  When fully developed, this new IAS tailored to patient-oncologist interactions in EoL cancer care will allow researchers to conduct in-depth investigations of the impact of patient-oncologist interactions on patient quality of life and care near the EoL. Ultimately, data extracted using the new IAS and related to patient EoL outcomes may be used to target potentially modifiable patient-oncologist interpersonal processes for modification in the design of interventions to improve patient well-being and care near death.

Research Type: 
Weill Cornell