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Coping with Cancer II, Grant #: R01CA106370

Principal Investigators: 
Holly Prigerson, Ph.D., Paul Maciejewski, Ph.D.
Sponsored by: 
National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health
Research Description: 

A continuation of Coping with Cancer, the Coping with Cancer II study seeks to determine how end-of-life (EOL) communication processes (e.g. oncology provider's prognostic disclosure) vary depending on whether the patient is black or white. We have over 400 advanced cancer patients and their informal caregivers enrolled across the United States from clinics in Boston (MA), Dallas (TX), New York (NY), Pomona (CA), New Haven (CT), Albuquerque (NM), and Richmond (VA). This study will officially close at the end of January 2015. 

Major Publications and Results


Research Type: 
Weill Cornell