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Living Memory Home Online Bereavement Resource Beta Testing

Living Memory Home image

The Center for Research on End-of-Life Care at the Weill Cornell Medicine is currently recruiting participants (with $100 compensation) for a study to honor and memorialize a deceased loved one by using an Internet-based memorial website. Please consider participating and complete the form if you:

(1) are 18 years of age or over

(2) have lost a first-degree relative due to death in the last 2 years

(3) can read English proficiently

(4) know how to operate a computer or smartphone

(5) have access to the Internet

(6) live in New York State and within the New York City metropolitan area

We sincerely look forward to inviting you to pilot test our new bereavement resource.

Please let us know how to address you.
Due to the pilot nature of this website, we are only able to recruit participants who are within the NY metropolitan area.
Let us know your preferred contact way. We will try to reach out to you as soon as possible.

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