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Grief Intensity Scale

This Grief Intensity Scale assesses common thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of people who have lost someone important to them. The scale is meant to capture the grieving respondent’s intensity of his or her reaction to the loss.

This diagnostic tool helps assess a person’s risk of developing prolonged grief disorder (PGD) following the death of a loved one. There are particular symptoms that must be elevated at 6 months in order to meet criteria for PGD. If a respondent meets criteria, he or she should seek out more thorough evaluation from a mental health professional. We have this scale available in a variety of languages.

To use the Grief Intensity Scale please fill out the below information on the person you have lost, then slide the bar to the position that most accurately reflects your response to each question.

Information of the deceased
Information about yourself

For each item, please indicate how you currently feel?


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