DSM-5-TR Consensus Criteria for Prolonged Grief Disorder

PGD presentation for DSM-5 TR

Individuals who are bereaved by the death of a loved one may suffer from developing a grief specific mental disorder referred to as Prolonged Grief Disorder (PGD).  PGD is being considered for inclusion in section II of the DSM-5 TR after nearly 2 decades of debating and validating the diagnostic criteria and syndromes.

Dr. Prigerson and Dr. Maciejewski validated the criteria that are included in ICD-11 (The International Classification of Disease) based on the Yale Bereavement Study, published in PLoS Medicine 2019.  This year, they presented the criteria to the DSM-5 TR Workgroup on Pathological Grieving (See the attached our presentation at DSM-5 TR on June 3, 2019).  At the June 3, 2019, revised set of criteria for PGD were formulated.  Our Center is happy to assist in the validation of this newly, consensually proposed criteria set for PGD.  You can help DSM and the field to validate these new criteria.