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Assessment and Tools

Other Assessments and Tools

PG-13 Self-Report

Prolonged Grief Disorder: Psychometric Validation of Criteria Proposed for DSM-V and ICD-11

PG-13 Child

PGD - Structured Clinical Interview

The PGD-CA is a tool that should be administered only by qualified interviewers who have formal training in structured clinical interviewing and differential diagnosis.

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PG-13 (Hungarian)

PG-13 (Arabic)

ICG (Urdu)

PG-13 (Danish)


PG-13 (Japanese)

PG-13 (Chinese)

PG-13 (Turkish)

PG-13 (Bulgarian)

This is the translation of PG-13 in Bulgarian

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PG-13 (Polish)

PG-13 (Polish)

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