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Italian PG-13 Conference

The work of Drs. Holly Prigerson and Paul Maciejewski has contributed to the better understanding of a newly defined mental illness termed Prolonged Grief Disorder, assessed using the PG-13 scale. This mental disorder is a specific reaction to the loss of someone loved very much. However, it differentiates itself from similar mental illnesses as it has a specific set of symptoms - feelings, thoughts, actions - that must be elevated for at least 6 months and that must be associated with significant functional impairment in order for a person to meet criteria for PGD.


This work is being highlighted in an upcoming conference in Italy sponsored by the Association of Mourning and Growth. The Association has developed a conference on Prolonged Grief that has been built around the publication of the PG-13 Italian adaptation. The conference will be held in Rome, at Pontificial Salesian University Saturday, March 5th. The PG-13’s presentation will be followed by other presentations oriented to prevention and treatment as well as Death Education.


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Please note the text is in Italian so the use of google translate or other translation services tools may be necessary.

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