Weill Cornell Dept of Medicine Recognizes Two EOL Center Employees

The Results, Rewards and Recognition Committee (R3) of the Weill Department of Medicine completed its bimonthly review. The Super Star winners from the Center for Research on End of Life Care were Simon Cohen, Research Assistant, and Renee Maciejewski, Research Biostatistician.

Simon Cohen was noted for his ability to aniticipate what will be needed for a project, his adaptability, clear communication skills, as well as his ability to profoundly impact the facilitation of the studies he has taken part of. Renee Maciejewski was described as a "star" for going above and beyond to ensure that all statistical analyses are performed correctly, and, additionally, was noted for her skill in explaining statistics to lay people as well as her effectiveness at helping researchers and clinicians with presentations.

Thanks Simon and Renee!


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