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Co-Director, Holly Prigerson's, PhD, study show startling results about why patients with advanced cancer have a poor understanding of their prognosis and what it means for their End-of-Life care.  To read more click here.

Co-Director, Holly Prigerson, PhD, pens an editorial accompanying a study that was published by the BMJ, which was found that cancer patients whiletheir condition is being diagnosed. The findings demonstrate the need for preventative efforts while patients await a diagnosis. "Patients cannot undo their diagnosis, but effective and empowering interventions could limit the extent to which they become undone by it," notes the Co-Director here.


Co-Director, Holly Prigerson, PhD, continues to receive coverage on research that suggests only a small amount of diagnosed cancer patients accurately understand their prognosis here.


Co-Director, Holly Prigerson, PhD, reports on research done that has highlighted the aggression and over treatment of cancer patients with cancer here.


Research Assistant, Simon Mentis Cohen, explains oncologists help patients with advanced cancer better understand their illness here.


Research Assistant, Simon Mentis Cohen, covered as he highlights the importance of who leads end-of-life discussion here.


Co-director and co-author, Holly Prigerson, PhD, illuminates an audience about terminally ill patient understanding of prognosis here


Expert faculty member's, Kelly Trevino and Megan Shen, PhDs, research on race and source of information as it effects patient life expectancy estimates of life expectancy picks up traction here.


Co-Director, Holly Prigerson, PhD, on cost-benefit of Chemotherapy care for late stage cancer patients here.


Co-Director, Holly Prigerson, PhD, on the difference between complicated grief and normal grief here.

Co-Director's, Paul Maciejewski and Holly Prigerson, PhDs, assessment of prolonged grief makes the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette here.


Co-Director, Holly Prigerson, PhD, weighs in on survival mourning and its possible indications here.


Co-Director, Holly Prigerson, PhD, on Chemotherapy for patients with advanced gastric cancer here.


Co-Director, Holly Prigerson, PhD, provides insight as to why Alzheimer's disease might have become the second leading cause of death for our nation's oldest old here.

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