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Lessons for Life’s End: How to Cope with Life-Threatening Illness

Dr. Holly Prigerson outlines the steps that patients, families, and clinicians need to take in order to ensure accurate patient understanding of disease and promote the undertaking of informed medical decisions that are consistent with a patient’s values. 

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On Being Mortal: The Human Hand in How We Die

In Dr. Prigerson’s recent Grand Rounds talk at Columbia University, she discussed the influence of psychosocial factors such as interpersonal communication and therapeutic bonds between physicians, patients and family members, religious coping, acculturation, gender, race/ethnicity, and psychological adjustment on end-of-life outcomes. She presented some of the Center’s research that examines the quality of care and quality of life of patients at the end-of-life. 

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Understanding and Aiding People Suffering from Prolonged Grief Disorder (PGD)

In their Paris workshop on grief, Drs. Holly Prigerson and Paul Maciejewski discuss 1) the differences between PGD, major depressive disorder, and posttraumatic stress, 2) population at risk for PGD, 3) outcomes of PGD, and 4) core therapeutic issues in PGD. 

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Time Will Tell: Pathways to Prolonged Grief, Pathways to Acceptance

Dr. Holly Prigerson discusses how to classify the grief reaction of a bereaved person. In particular, she discusses 1) how to distinguish normal grief from prolonged grief disorder (PGD) including the diagnosis of PGD, 2) risk populations for PGD, 3) PGD outcomes, and 4) how to understand core therapeutic issues in PGD. 

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Prevalence, Correlates & Outcomes of Chemotherapy for Patients with End-Stage Gastrointestinal Cancers

Dr. Holly Prigerson provides insight on frequency, correlates and the harms and benefits of chemotherapy use in patients in their final months of life.

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