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Other Assessments and Tools

Yale Evaluation of Suicidality Scale
This 13-item validated instrument measures current and past suicidal thoughts and actions. This instrument expands on Beck's Scale for Suicidal Ideation by incorporating a broader selection of thoughts and behaviors expected to promote suicidal desires. Download | View
Peace, Equanimity, & Acceptance in the Cancer Experience Questionnaire
This validated questionnaire measures the extent to which advanced cancer patients feel a sense of peaceful acceptance of their terminal illness. Download | View
The Human Connection Scale
This validated scale assesses the therapeutic alliance between patients and their physicians. Download | View
Stressful Caregiving Adult Reactions to Experiences of Dying Scale
This validated tool assesses caregiver exposure to patient distress. This is a clinically useful tool for identifying at-risk caregivers. Download | View
Caregiver Evaluation of Quality of End-of-Life Care
This 13-item scale measures the quality of EoL care form the caregiver's perspective. It may be a useful quality indicator for the delivery of EoL care and a risk indicator for poor bereavement adjustment. Download | View
Bereavement Dependency Scale
This 6-item questionnaire assesses emotional, financial, health, household, social, and transportation-related dependency on the deceased person, using a 5-point Likert Scale. BDS composite scores are obtained by computing the means of the item scores. Download | View
PG-13 for Kids
PG-12 (pre-loss)
Modified, pre-loss PG-13 Download | View
ICG-R (Chinese)
PG-13 Self-Report
Prolonged Grief Disorder: Psychometric Validation of Criteria Proposed for DSM-V and ICD-11
PG-13 Child
PGD - Structured Clinical Interview
The PGD-CA is a tool that should be administered only by qualified interviewers who have formal training in structured clinical interviewing and differential diagnosis. Download | View
PG-13 (Hungarian)
PG-13 (Arabic)
ICG (Urdu)
PG-13 (Danish)